Data protection documentation
created by experts.
But easy to use.

Data protection documentation as required by the GDPR:
It offers everything you need to have. And never asks
for more effort than necessary. Our focal point is
maximum ease of use.

Familie DS-Doku, explained in 150 seconds.
Watch in German

We have 5 ½ reasons why DS-Doku is the best solution
to tackle the GDPR’s challenges, as well as those of your company.

Created by data protection experts.
We have incorporated our over 15 years data protection experience in this data protection documentation: our combined knowledge and experience now makes your life easier.

Requires little training.
The software is so simple and self-explanatory that there is practically no training required.

Legally compliant: Relax during your audit knowing nothing will be forgotten.
Our questions will guide you through the documentation. You cannot forget anything and often the answers have already been prepared for you. And if the supervisory authority asks, you can easily create a suitable export to show them.

Corporate groups profit the most:
They get a central data protection documentation, and subsidiaries need only document their specific features. This means much less work for everyone.

Focus on essentials.
Using our sophisticated filter possibilities, each user will only see the content they choose to see at any given moment.

Our data protection is even (a little) fun.
Nobody fights over the right to create and maintain a data protection documentation. Our mascot MrFOX is a good motivator and helps with the content.


Still have questions? We know much more than what’s written here and are happy to help.
Contact us.

And what will all this fun cost?

The answer is not surprising: It depends. Namely on what exactly you need or want.
Here are a few examples which you can use as an orientation.
Every situation is a little bit different: We have an optimal solution for you, too.

Would you like it even bigger than that?

For larger corporate groups, other constellations or for external data protection officers:
Please contact us. We will prepare a suitable offer for you.

The cost of the software is made up of a one-time licence fee, setup costs dependant on the number of companies and users, and monthly costs for technical provision and support.
Additional companies and users can be added at any time.

Would you like to learn more?

Then feel free to contact us and we will gladly prepare an offer for your company or group of companies without any obligation. Further information on the technical implementation can be provided on request.