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Why complicate it, when it’s easy?

Companies are obligated to document how they handle personal data, and, amongst other things, keep a registry of their processing activities. This doesn’t simply fall from the people need to write down the information and keep it up to date.

These people often have other, more important tasks to carry out within the company, which means that they have very little time and energy for data protection documentation. We believe that if you are obligated to do something, at least make it easy and uncomplicated… but still legally secure.

Ask the right questions and you’re halfway done.

All you need to do is answer our questions. You, the user, will be guided through the situation and, depending on your answer you will receive appropriate follow-up questions. You do not have to spend time on topics that are not relevant to you. And you won’t forget anything important, because you will be asked for it.

See only what you need to see.

There are many features you can filter by, and you can even combine them. So you only need to see the information that’s relevant to you right now.

Groundhog Day?

Using our solution for corporate groups, there is no need to document the same topic over and over again. If, for example, “payroll” is carried out at headquarters for all subsidiaries, the dependent companies need only refer to headquarters, and document any local deviations. Not only does this require much less initial effort, but also makes later changes to the procedure easy to document.

It’s quite simple. We promise.

While developing this documentation we made sure it was easy to use. We know that our users have many other tasks to perform, in addition to documenting data protection procedures. Data protection documentation with fox-on is so simple and intuitive that there is practically no need for training. Users still find their way around the tool, even if they haven’t worked with it for a few days or weeks.

Let’s ask MrFOX about the advantages:

Yes, of course. The data protection documentation asks about everything required by General Data Protection Regulation (if you would like to know more you can find information and sources on this in the help text).

The good news:

Our questions are logically dependent on one another. If you state that your company belongs to a group of companies questions will be asked about uniform group processing. In the case of sole proprietorship these questions are not asked – this way everything remains clear.

Many questions include helpful help texts:

When you are asked whether the DPO’s contact details have been published and reported to the supervisory authorities, the help texts explain how this procedure works.

Often you need not enter any text at all. As far as possible, multiple-choice questions are provided that only need to be clicked on. It is much easier to select the appropriate answer from a given set of key points than to formulate your own content.

In addition, there is always the option to store additional texts.

fox-on is currently available in German and English. It is possible to add more languages at any time (with your cooperation, perhaps?).

All of the help texts can be displayed in 7 additional languages (French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish). This further increases the acceptance of employees who are not native German or English speakers.

You can export and print the current status of your data protection documentation whenever you need to:

  • PDF export – formatted and with table of contents
  • Word export – for adaptation to your own layout and incl. last comment on questions

You can also decide which content you want to export:

  • “all content” – not surprising: all content
  • “filtered content” – only the content you filtered

The display via DS-Doku’s own export button is limited to the questions and the actual displayed answers. This is useful, for example, in case of a request by a supervisory authority.

MrFOX is our mascot. For each question you answer, you earn MrFOX points: You can compete with other users on your weekly performance and possibly get a nice reward for answering a lot of questions. And sometimes the MrFOX points are eatable…


For companies using a fox-on DPO the software is included in the data protection support, at no additional charge. For everyone else: You can have all this as well.

You only want the software? No problem.

What will this cost? Unsurprisingly the answer is „that depends“. It depends on what you need and want.

Here are a few examples to help you. Every situation is different: we will find the optimal solution for you.

Mr. Fox with a speechbubble, that says: ''

Can I get you some more?

Would you rather have your own Data Protection Documentation with your own logo and your own URL? No problem at all, just let us know.

If your organizational structure is larger and/or more complex, we would be pleased to provide a personal offer for you.

We are happy to reduce the one-time licensing costs for social care institutions. Please contact us.

One of our special features is, for example, reward questions to increase customer motivation. The best way to explain this to you is over the phone or a remote presentation.

Further features are already being planned.

We currently offer an audit module with which you as the DPO can verify compliance with data protection regulations for your clients, and immediately document your results. We can also activate this for you.

In addition, DPOs can also create their own documentation (e.g. for an annual or activity-based report) in their own report module (optional module). All data protection requests can be easily documented, structured and exported in this module.

Would you like to learn more?

Then feel free to contact us and we will gladly prepare an offer for your company or group of companies without any obligation. Further information on the technical implementation can be provided on request.